How to Order a Perfect Oyster


  Ask For A Single Lady.

     Frank’s Single Lady oysters are perfect for presenting and tasting on the half shell. And we’re going to tell you how Frank raises them.

First, you must realize just how fertile oysters are. They love to spawn. They generate babies that attach themselves to other oysters and even to their parents. This is how wild oysters grow up -- in clusters. 

     But Frank’s oysters grow up as singles. He carefully selects the best parents and spawns them in his hatchery.  The baby oysters are meticulously cared for until they are ready to settle.  When they are ready to settle, Frank provides them with the ideal environment to make sure they settle as singles, not in clusters.  This ensures each oyster can grow in all proportions for the rest of its life. This gives the Single Lady a deep cup and nice fan across its bill.  

     The difference between a cluster oyster and a Single Lady is huge. A Single Lady is clean, fresh, plump, healthy and briny.  You can taste the Atlantic in every single one.  Next time you’re hungry for oysters, try a plate of Single Ladies. You’ll love the taste. Perfection guaranteed!